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Stories of Change


Jayashree comes from Nanded district. Born in a family of five people, she lost her one eyesight to measles at the age of six. The misfortune didn’t end here and she lost her second eye when she was in 10th standard. “Yes I know what tough times are in life, she says.” I was in search of hope and much like I knew I was one of the participants in Swadhar program. Swadhar has earned a goodwill and good name when it comes to changing lives of people. Esp. people like her. She learnt handloom weaving for about four years and decided to continue working there only. She had found her space after all. All thanks to GSP and Papa, she smiles. 

This is a story of a guy with strong willpower and positive attitude. He is from Hali village in Basavkalyan, Karnataka. He was born visually challenged. He studied in Kannada medium till 9th standard and then joined Swadhar for Handloom weaving training and started working there. “I knew I wanted to stay here, he smiles”. When Acupressure and Massage course was introduced later, he joined the course and took a year training. Today with these two skills he is able to make 4000-5000 rs. a month. GSP has given him his identity. 


Jayashree & Prashant

" They got married "

Mr. Harishchandra Sude is the best thing that has happened to their lives. He is a good observer and he soon knew that they are good for each other and will support each other. Our families were informed about it and after their approval, their wedding took place on 22nd May 2010 in Jayashree’s village Kini. GSP gave them everything they needed for daily life. They were blessed with a baby boy in 2012. They named him Preetam. GSP celebrated his birth. Mr. Prashant Sude and Mrs. Prerana Sude both helped for the operation of the eyes of the baby and now he is able to see normally. They got daughter after two years named Pranjal. Both their families are supportive and they get both earn around 10-12000 rs a month and run their family successfully. “We have a normal routine like others. We cook our own food; we prepare our kids for school. It’s hard for you to believe but we do know which colour goes on my kid on which day. We see the world through our children’s eyes. This joy knows no bounds. We have dreams for kids; we want them to do really well in life. We have a dream of having our own house, a place which will be owned by us, a home, our kids will proudly say about. GSP has been considering this for a long time. Our lives will be complete with a house of own.”

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