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Grameen Shramik Pratishthan (GSP INDIA) is proud to offer seven comprehensive scholarship programs to support and empower marginalized and needy students. These programs, initiated in 2017 with the Late Mrs. Savita Sude Adolescent Girls Development and Scholarship Program, have helped countless students, primarily girls from rural areas, to complete their education and become first-generation learners in their families. Through these initiatives, GSP has played a crucial role in integrating disadvantaged groups into mainstream education.

For the past 42 years, GSP has been dedicated to supporting disabled youth in rural areas. We are particularly proud to announce the launch of the Udaan Scholarship Program for students with disabilities in Maharashtra, backed by the CSR support of Swedish companies SKF India, Sandvik, and Atlas Copco. This program offers financial assistance of up to one lakh rupees, covering accommodation, academic fees, and assistive devices.

Capacity Building Support

Beyond financial assistance, GSP is committed to the holistic development of our scholarship recipients. We organize capacity-building workshops, conduct psychometric tests, and offer mentoring to help students excel academically and develop essential life skills. These workshops help students overcome educational, personal, and public obstacles, fostering mental relaxation, interpersonal rapport, and confidence enhancement.

Impact Numbers

HF Scholarship Beneficiaries

10.5 Cr+

Amount Disbursed


Scholarships awarded




Lives impacted

7 Years

of experience

Scholarship Programs and Partners Detailed Scholarship Information

1. SKF Scholarship Program

  • Total Beneficiaries: 174 girls

  • Amount: ₹130,000 per student per year ( girls in the Marathwada region)

  • Initiated: 2017

  • Districts Reached: 8 districts in Marathwada

  • Total Scholarships Awarded: 680+

This year, the scholarship program has expanded to include scholarships for aspiring students with disabilities and girls studying in engineering colleges. Earlier it was only for girls in the Marathawada region.

  • Students with Disabilities: ₹1 lakh scholarship, with a minimum of 20 students 

  • Engineering Girls Students: ₹40,000 scholarship for each of the 73 girls

  • Marathwada Region: More than 45 girls receiving an average scholarship amount of ₹130,000


2. Hema Hattangady Family Scholarship          Programme

Focused on the Marathwada region, this initiative empowers 19 girls each year by providing them with educational opportunities to fulfill their potential.

  • Region: Marathwada

  • Beneficiaries: Girls

  • Number of Recipients: 19 girls this year

  • Scholarship Amount: An average of ₹1,40,000/- per recipient

  • Initiated: 2021

This scholarship is administered through Grameen Shramik Pratishthan and has been making a significant impact since its inception.

To learn more about the Hema Hattangady Family Scholarship Programme and its impact, you can download the impact book using the link below: 

3. BPC Ratna Scholarship

Program for BPC Refinery Neighboring Communities

In 2023-24, this program has assisted 232 students from Class 8 to Degree level, ensuring access to education for students within BPCL refinery communities.

  • Implemented By: Grameen Shramik Pratishthan since 2020

  • Total Scholarships Awarded: Over 800

  • Additional Support Provided:

  1. Psychometric tests

  2. Career guidance and counseling

  3. Capacity building workshops

  • Average Scholarship Amount: Between ₹12,000 to ₹14,400


4. Late Mrs. Savita Sude Adolescent Girls Development and Scholarship Programme

Catering to 100 girls in Latur and nearby villages, this program promotes the holistic development of adolescent girls through education and empowerment initiatives.

  • Total Girls Supported: 100 per year on average

  • Region: Latur and nearby villages of the GSP campus

  • Additional Support Provided:

  1. Scholarships

  2. Education tools

  3. Clothes

  4. Capacity building workshops

  • Total Scholarships Awarded: Over 520

  • Scholarship Support Amount: 3500/-

5. UDAAN Scholarship Program for Students with Disabilities

Supported by: SKF India Ltd., Atlas Copco (India) Private Ltd., Sandvik Coromant

Udaan Scholarship Program for students with disabilities is launched with the objective of extending education support to deserving students with disabilities from economically weaker sections of society to break the barrier of financial and physical constraints and educate them to become self-reliant.

The Program is collaborative project of the swedish companies SKF India Ltd., Atlas Copco (India) Private Ltd & Sandvik Coromant under the CSR initiative.

Scholarship Details:

  • Number of Beneficiaries: 50 students with disabilities this year

  • Scholarship Amount: ₹1 lakh per student

Additional Support Provided:

  • Mentorship and Guidance

  • Capacity Building Workshops

  • Assistive Devices

WhatsApp Image 2024-07-06 at 3.41.15 PM.jpeg

Financial Assistance:

  • Tuition fees

  • Assistive devices 

  • Boarding and lodging expenses

  • Other educational expenses

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