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दिव्यांग मदत अभियान

​COVID19 Relief Work for Persons with Disability 
Call for Help 
मराठवाडयातील दिव्यांग व्यक्तींना घरपोच मदत

About Us

Sunita & Popat Gayke  from Aurangabad in need of support for sustenance aid.

Roshana and Sardar Mane from Shelu are in need of support for sustenance aid.

Supporting Divyan to  Protect Their Dignity 


The COVID 19 pandemic has disrupted all spheres of life and has severally impacted the economically weaker section of the society the most. Persons with disability – Divyang among them are the most affected and facing multiple disadvantages.

Sunita Pawar a visually challenged lady lost her livelihood who use to sale toys on trains at Aurangabad. Now without any source of income she is unable to even buy most needed milk for her 1 year old child.

Sandeep Lohar and Anita a visually challenged young couple unable to pay their house rent from last two months and facing extremely difficult situation as they are now not able to earn by offering Acupressure- Massage Therapy therapy.

Usha Kamble a visually challenged young house wife stopped her treatment as she is unable to purchase her medicines.


Ganesh Mane a visually impaired youth lives with old parents at village Killari, his mobile phone is  whole world to him in this lockdown time but now isolated as he does not have money to recharge his phone.

Geeta a physically challenged girl who used to work as a job work typist struggled for food as she could not refill LPG gas cylinder.

Basvant Waghmare a visually challenged youth stuck in Latur city and could not reach his hometown for last three months and surviving on food distributed by volunteers.

Sangeeta a physically challenged girl needs urgent treatment for her appendix but unable to avail treatment as she is 30 km away from district hospital and could not arrange money even for transport.

Jagdish partially blind youth was preparing for public sector competitive exams at Pune. Now returned to home at Latur. Struggling for accessing online learning resource.

Unfortunately now needs and rights of persons with disability are sidelined and being ignored due to overwhelming crisis situation.

To address such critical problems of Divyang and provide every possible support we have initiated campaign आत्मनिर्भर दिव्यांग अभियान - Aatmnirbhar Divyang Abhiyan 

There are thousands of such Divyang persons facing difficulties with this unexpected crisis situation. Like other persons they cannot move out and seek help due to safety issues , increased inaccessibility and restriction imposed due to lockdown.

This initiative is to create easily accessible platform for Divyang persons to seek help for addressing their immediate critical needs. Through this platform aims to mobilize resources in the form of volunteers, financial aid, and material aid from socially sensitive individual through proactive campaigning and various means of communication and persuasion channels.

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 Mahesh Satpute 

        a visually challenged therapist received sustenance aid of Rs.2000/- from SWADHAR

              Sandeep Chopde      A visually challenged therapist based in Latur was given sustenance aid of Rs.2000/-

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